Monday, November 17, 2008

Arvind Raman Text Message Challenge

It's America's fastest growing game. Here's how it works:

1) I post a text message Arvind has recently sent me.
2) The first person to successfully figure out what in God's name Arvind is trying to say wins 4 free packets of honey mustard from the fast food establishment of their choice.

Nov 17, 12:43 am:
Randomthought when teachers substitues they recruit to talk to students. Its not about raising tuition but alumni volunteer. if bc wants to gain money, people need tet their hands dirty and not resort to buying there way out. Think about it.
Oh trust me, I've "thought about it" a lot. I guess he's saying something about people volunteering more, but I'm still clueless as to what that first sentence means. Anyways, have at it and good luck.


Snuffy said...

Ok, I think I've got it. Retired BC alumni should start substitute teaching at middle schools outside the parochial school network. While substituting, the alumni can talk to the young men about attending BC.

HANK said...

I think Arvind wants BC Alumni to substitute at middles schools and spread the word about BC, whether at parochial schools or not.

I don't see where Arvind wants the substitution be provided for free.

Also, I think Arvind stresses that high tuition is not the reason BC is suffering from lack of students. But rather, the cause lies with the lack of prospective student's awareness of the school.