Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Wisdom From the Church of Arvind

In his defense, Arvind later sent me these messages yesterday, and they make more sense than Monday's comments. He also wanted me to post these for him. He says he doesn't want to comment on here himself but just wants to "use me" to vent his thoughts:

Nov 18, 10:49 am
One last thing where are the fathers of these bitching women (who sit around discussing what they are not getting education wise for their kids while they watch the view and go hang out and have a f--- session with personal trainer) I will give my time which far more valuable than just reading that cadence to find out how much money people have donated
Nov 18, 12:04 pm
Hey last word, if this school is in such a financial mess deprivatize the school, have stricter curriculum entrance standards and 1 gain the football powerhouse which once was (5AAAA) 2 teachers will be paid more, there public monastery schools in sav where its very affordable and have high entrance standards
I know none of us are interested in getting into another BC debate for the millionth time and that's not the point here. Arvind says he just really feels strongly about these things and wanted them posted on here. I would be interested to see how you go about "deprivatizing" something. Maybe BC could contact Kingston or Isakson and get a piece of that $700 billion bailout.


HANK said...

This is crazy.

Barstool69 said...

Hi, welcome to Cici's!

Snuffy said...

I want to learn more about these public monastery schools that charge affordable tuition.

Joe said...

Bring back the Rick's Voicemail Grab Bag!