Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is going to be fun.

You'll leave after this season and probably get drafted in the first round, but you'll never amount to anything in the NFL because you care too much about how your hair looks when you take your helmet off on the sidelines, or about how wearing a black sleeve on one arm makes you look like a badass.

I don't know that much about you but I know the boys over at OIA would suck your dick if you let them.

You're cool.

And most of all...FUCK YOU
You piece of cracker white trash.

It's just too damn easy.

45-42 Love you. Got to go.


Patrick said...

Wow. Lots of obscenities here. I mean Tech did win and they certainly deserved it and have every right to feel good right now, but wow. Sorry you had to see that, kids.

Donnie said...


Don't include me on that one.


Yeah maybe. But he's living the life.

Tech beat us. That sucks but we will be fine. Glad to see that string of 5 losses seasons come to an end.

I hope you and Demott didn't celebrate too much.

4-1. Love you. Got to go.

Jennifer said...

I'm more than embarrassed for this Snuffy individual right now. What a classless display.

Michael said...

There was much less profanity in that post than what was used by the UGA fan behind me in section 304 used on Saturday. Did I mention he had two small children with him. THWG!