Monday, November 03, 2008

BC's "Pink Out"

Great, the BC Cadets want to eliminate breast cancer, just like every other reasonable human being.

Private efforts to help prevent cancer should always be encouraged... except when it involves wearing pink at a BC football game.

Call me a heartless bastard, but PC junkies are creeping into BC's activities.

Who came up with this idea?


Jennifer said...

I agree with Hank. I would never wear orchid to a ballet recital to help raise awareness about testicular cancer.

Patrick said...

Not surprising at all. BC has been taken over by soccer moms and is letting them run the show.

Patrick said...

Addendum: I feel bad for breast cancer victims and all, don't get me wrong. All I'm saying is a far worse cancer has infected Seawright Drive and that is the cancer of soccer moms. So screw this email and do your part Friday by wearing maroon and white.

Snuffy said...

No comment.