Friday, January 16, 2009

Dear Mr. Stastny

My letter to Anthony Stastny, sports editor for the Savannah Morning News.

Mr. Stastny,

I noticed an inconsistency in the the basketball stats column this morning. Cody Padgett of Calvary is listed as the area's leading scorer with 371 points in 16 games for an average of 24.7 ppg. If those numbers are correct, his real ppg average should be 23.2, but that is besides the point (no pun intended). The second leading scorer is Jibri Bryan of Benedictine with 293 points in 11 games for an average of 26.6 ppg.

As I looked at the other statistical categories, I noticed that every other category was ranked by average per game, not by the raw total. So, why is Cody Padgett listed ahead of Jibri Bryan, when Bryan is averaging 3.4 ppg more than Padgett?

I will not hide the fact that I am a BC alumn and an avid fan of the Cadets. Adam VanBrimmer and I exchanged a few emails not too long ago after his column about Calvary gaining ground on the public schools. Calvary failed to live up to the hype by losing to Windsor Forest, again, by 17 points. Then, this morning, I noticed the discrepency in the stats and Rich McGowan's column about the "Calvary Crazies."

I am not sure why the Savannah Morning News has this love affair with a 9-7 Calvary team, when there are several more deserving teams in this area, including the Benedictine Cadets.

Snuffy P. Smith

This shit is getting ridiculous.


Donnie said...

Nice work, Snuffy.

Shane said...

I noticed that as well this morning. I didnt notice that all the other statistical categories were categorized by average.

Nice hard hitting commentary there Snuffalotpus

MAR said...

Wow, your almost as good as my account with numbers!

HANK said...

These writers are faggots.