Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Phil

On this day back in 1951, Philip David Charles Collins, was born in Chiswick, London.
Phil comes from an era when pop stars actually wrote their own music, and it sounded good.

Here are lyrics from my personal favorite.

(Phil begins...)

Easy lover
She'll get a hold on you believe it
Like no other
Before you know it you'll be on your knees
She's an easy lover
She'll take your heart but you won't feel it
She's like no other
And I'm just trying to make you see

(Now for high pitched black guy, Philip Bailey...)
She's the kind of girl you dream of
Dream of keeping hold of You'd better forget it
You'll never get it
She will play around and leave you
Leave you and deceive you
Better forget it
Oh you'll regret it....



Snuffy said...

You're so emo.

HANK said...

Isn't Ryan an emo kid?