Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"He could be one of the best to come out of Savannah."

Former Savannah High football star dies.

Other than Hank and some of the boys over at OIA, most of you probably don't remember Mede Lewis. The title of this post is the truth. However, the key phrase is could be. He certainly had the talent, much like Murdock Ferguson did on the hardwood, but he could not live above his environment. It's a shame how much talent is wasted in this city.


Donnie said...

In my 4 years of playing basketball at Ramsey, I was often asked why Savannah basketball teams were so good but no one from Savannah ever went anywhere. Well, stuff like this.

Won the Finocchiaro Award as junior. Sad life.

MAR said...

Thanks for keeping me informed Snuffy

angela said...

Everyday we make choices that can either better our lives, keep it the same, or make it worse. Eventhough some of you think that his life wasn't well fulfilled, Mede left a legacy for his daughters to cherish. Mede touched the lives of many people, because he had a heart of gold. Let's remember him for being a great athlete!