Wednesday, January 07, 2009

National Championship Prediction

As a college football observer, and a resident of the city of Jacksonville, I have seen the craziness of all the Gator fans here. Believe it or not, I look at it as breath of fresh air. As some of you know, I have been a Georgia Tech fan since the late 80's and I have endured a 5-15 record against the Dawgs during this span. I do not consider myself a Gator by no means, but this could be one of the fastest and most dynamic football teams I have seen in my short life.

At the end of October, I made my way to Gainsville to watch the Gators trounce the Kentucky Wildcats 63-5 on a cool, overcast day in the sunshine state. In person, my eyes have never seen football players run circles around the opposing team so much. In a span of 3 Kentucky possessions there was 2 blocked punts, and 1 blocked field goal that lead to a 42-3 halftime lead. Now, this in no way will happen to the Sooners. But, don't be surprised if a blocked punt or a punt return touchdown by Branndon James occurs at a crucial point during the game.

If your not a fan of offense, don't even bother to tune in to this Touchdown show. We all know it is Heisman winner against Heisman winner or Tool vs Tool. However, these are two amazing QBs that can will their team to victory, and it has happen time and time again. Bradford will throw for 300 plus yards with three touchdowns to give his team a fighting chance. His two interceptions will be detrimental to his team's hope of claiming the BCS. Tebow on the other hand, will throw for 215 with two rushing and two passing touchdowns with no picks.

Also, before I make my prediction look at these scores the Big 12 has produced in the bowl season:

Mizzou 30 NW 23

Oregon 42 Olk st 31

Miss 47 TT 34

Texas 24 OSU 21

The four other giants of the Big 12 have put up sub par performances against the Big Ten who have not come close to touching the SEC in their history. Everyone can also point out the Mississippi upset over the Gators and connect it with Texas Tech losing to Oklahoma, and say I am wrong. Fla's lost to the rebels was a aberration, and it is evident with their stellar play since. I want some opinions on this game from everyone! My prediction is speed kills, and the only way the Gators lose is if Tebow rides a bus to the game and gets motion sickness.(A problem he has according to the Fl Times-Union)

Fl 45 Olk 31


Ryan said...

The game is over and I have vomit running down my shirt.

MAR said...

I think my neighbor and his buddies just flipped his car...

HANK said...

"... but this could be one of the fastest and most dynamic football teams I have seen in my short life..."

You're not kidding. You're life is short.

MAR said...

Good one bud