Saturday, January 31, 2009

Best BC Teachers

I think it's safe to say we have an unhealthy and unusual obsession on this blog with high school and the romanticization of things that happened 10 years ago in general. But seriously, who cares. That's what you get for going to the best high school and being from the greatest city in America.

I felt it was long past time to name the best teachers on Seawright Drive. I could substantiate these rankings by listing academic reasons why each teacher deserves to be on here, but that would just sound really gay. Plus, different teachers are good for different reasons (Tvrdy, for example, makes this list for entirely different reasons than, say, Curley does).

1. Coach Yeckley
2. Mr. Graham
3. Fr. Jeff
4. Coach Curley
5. Mr. Tvrdy

Honorable mentions: LTC Owens, Coach Orsini.

What's your list? And please no negative stuff. While I'd like to think nobody reads what we say on here, history has shown that's not always the case.


BCSAV said...

1. Coach Yeckley
2. Coach Curley
3. Chief Carl
4. Mrs. Lane
5. Senorita Sullivan

MAR said...

1. Coach Curley
2. Yeckley
3. Mr T
4. Senorita Sullivan
5. Mr. Bush

Donnie said...

1: Coach Curley
2: Coach Carl
3: Ms. Taylor
4: Mr. T
5: Osorio

Hon. Mention: Mrs. Hicks and Fr. Ron

sauers6 said...

1. Coach Curley- Freshman English
2. Fr. Rondiggity Ron Ron-Religion
3. Ms. Taylor- French
4. Sergeant Maj. Richert- LET1 JROTC
5. Wayne Munch-Physical Science

Honorable Mention- Coach Chumley, Coach Tvrdy.

By the way, Will, are we having another BC Letterman's Banquet?

Barstool69 said...

1. Coach Yeckley
2. Coach Curley
3. Mr. Hicks
4. Mrs. Durden
5. Fr. Jeff

*Mr. T would be on here, but I hated math and sucked at it. He would be #1 on the coolest teachers list.

tim said...

1. Mrs. Daniel
2. Mrs. Youngblood
3. Mrs. Youngblood's daughter(because I know more about her than I do about the Scarlet Letter)
4. Harry Deal
5. Blake Yekkell

Snuffy said...

Best Teachers
1. Graham
2. Patterson
3. Yeckley
4. Adams
5. Curley

Toughest Teachers
1. Adams
2. Harris
3. Fr. Jeff
4. Yeckley
5. Dolan

Favorite Classes
1. JROTC LET 3 (Carl)
2. Hon. Spanish 3 (Sullivan)
3. Hon. English 2 (Daniel)
4. JROTC LET 1 (Reichert)
5. AP Calculus (Tvrdy)

Classes that prepared me the most for college
1. Hon. Pre Cal (Adams)
2. AP U.S. History (Yeckley)
3. Religion 1 (Fr. Jeff)
4. Hon. English 1 (Curley)
5. Biology (Graham)

Nick said...

1. Mr. Curley
2. Mr. Graham
3. Mr. Adams
4. Mrs. Lane
5. Coach Yeckly

Honorable Mention: Harry Deal only b/c of this quote from when he subed for Mrs. Durden one day "Gentlemen you can never love a woman until you shit all over her and make love at the same time"

HANK said...

Ryan used to always talk about how much he loved Brother Tim.

Not sure if Brother Tim even taught Ryan in class, though.

Patrick M said...

1. Coach Yeckley
2. Mr. Graham
3. Mrs. Durden
4. Mr. Hicks
5. Mrs. Lane

Hon Mention: Chief Carl and Sgt Maj Reichert

Since our class was so big, I was thrown into Mrs. Youngblood's freshman English class and never had the privilege of being in Coach Curley's.

tim said...

I forgot about Mr. Adams' honors pre cal class. I remember a 40 would be the class high on the tests. Wasn't he in witness protection or something?

ChewbaccaLives said...

1. Graham
2. Yeckley
3. Fr. Ronald
4. LTC Owens
5. Curley

Hon. Mention: Senorita Sullivan, Coach Munch and Mr. Wallace

Sexiest: Mrs. Lane