Friday, September 10, 2010

10 Years Ago: Commissioning

The 2010-11 school year marks the 10-year anniversary of the BC Class of 2001. In honor of our greatness, I will chronicle our senior year, as it relates to the same events that still occur today. Commisioning is this weekend. Do you remember Commissioning 2000?

The "Big 4" (Fleming, Houser, Lane, Zeigler) was given a budget of $1,000 to plan the Commissioning Ceremony and Military Ball.

Chris got "f'd in the ass" by the florist, even though he used the same florist that JMO3 suggested.

Chris also informed Carl during rehearsal that he did not have his hat on while outside, to which Chief replied, "F you, Lane!"

I followed in the Holland tradition of marrying the girl I took to Commissioning my senior year. That means Pat is destined to marry Kelly Sheehy.

Nardis stole my thunder by showing up late and being the last senior to walk through the sabre arch.

Ty flipped his truck and didn't show up at all.

Here I am with JMO3 and CDT/LTC Houser, awaiting the arrival of the guest speaker, COL Armbrister (pronounced "Arm-bruise-ter" by JMO3).

Enjoying the Military Ball with CDT/LTC Lane.

With my future wife at the Post-Commissioning Party at Pat's house.

I know I am leaving out a lot, so please post your memories in the comments section.


MAR said...

The last picture is still one of the scariest pictures I have ever seen.

HANK said...

Not pictured in the last frame is Will's freshly opened "Mike's Hard Lemonade."

Snuffy said...

Nice try, Hank, but I didn't start drinking those until Prom season.

HANK said...

Damn, I'll remember that next spring.

MAR said...

Mike's Hard Lemonade?

MAR said...

Will did not start drinking until 2000 or 2001

Patrick said...

The next morning we had to film our "Crossfire" project for Dolan's class. Then we had to go back to BC that afternoon to clean everything up.

Never really got why the class being honored is responsible for setting up/cleaning up for their own ceremony.

In other news, BC lost to Wayne County the night before that commissioning. Stay tuned for the next episode though because that very next Friday, the greatest BC game of the decade occurred...