Friday, September 17, 2010

Lowlife Deadbeat vis-a-vis Why I Hate eBay: A Short Rant

"Dear [my seller id],

Good morning I am writing because in the day yesterday was ready to remove the laptop, but to check their average rating in the store with the paperwork executive has instructed me not enough to allow me to make you transccion, thousand apologize and we will not be able to make the transaction

- [deadbeat loser]"

Got this message today from the winning bidder of a laptop I was selling for my Dad. This guy technically has 7 days to pay me, but I know he won't. And what can I do about it? Nothing.

I can report him as a non-paying bidder and he'll get a strike. I can't leave negative feedback for him and there is no way to block bids from bidders who have below a certain rating. Absolutely no protection from trash like this.

This guy is human garbage, unworthy to breathe the sweet air of freedom in this country. I do not accept his "thousand apologize" and I hope he drops dead today. That is, of course, unless he decides to pay.


Ryan said...

Jesus. You can't leave feedback on buyers anymore?

Snuffy said...

Did you already ship it?