Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rock Bottom

Sunday discussion topic: Has BC football reached its nadir?

What's become increasingly frustrating for the Cadet faithful is declaring "well, at least we know it won't ever get any worse than this" year in and out.

- I can remember driving to Augusta exactly six years ago this weekend to watch BC squeak past Richmond Academy, arguably the worst team in the state at the time, 6-0, in front of no more than 50 fans. BC would go 2-8 that year.  I thought we'd reached rock bottom then.

- Then came Liberty County 2006. BC traveled to Olvey field late in the season and was shut out 57-0. Liberty was a lot better than usual that year, but they weren't amazing.  We ended up at 3-7 but remained patient as it was Herndon's first year and everyone agreed he'd need another season or two before we'd returned to glory.   

- Now comes 2010. Granted, Windsor is good. It's still early in the season and I can't quite figure out how they knocked off Wayne but lost to Pierce.  But my point is that irregardless (I didn't think "irregardless" was a word, but black people at my job say it a lot so it must be), 10 years ago, BC losing to Windsor Forest would simply have been unthinkable to anyone in the city.  I am happy for the public school programs and am glad they have improved.  I would always much rather watch BC play against them than Appling Academy, but Jesus, I thought we'd at least be competitive in Savannah.  

So what do you think:  have we reached the low point now?  Will things get worse before they get better?  Are the fundamentals in place, but just not the talent/depth?  Or is the problem bigger than that?  I've also heard some administrative changes in the athletic department may be in the making.  Not sure if anyone can comment on those either.


HANK said...

For the exception of Lamar Owens, BC's talent is comparable to our senior year. The team certainly has better kickers than we had.

I think the biggest problem we face is fundamentals, due to poor coaching. I hate to been one of those bad mouthing a coach, especially knowing I would be a terrible one. But, the coaches have not adjusted the game to the type of players BC has, or to match their opponents during the game. It seems like the coaches have a list of bad plays and each one must be run no matter what the other team is doing.

I think it was too soon to let Stroud become head coach of football. I think Bracket would be in much better shape right now with the same players.

BC is certainly at a low point. If changes are not made to the coaching staff, the remainder of the year looks dismal. I'll still go to the games with Mr. and Mrs. Suffy if anyone else cares to join us. It's still worth going to the games. The players don't give up, and are tough as nails. They just don't know what the hell to do.

HANK said...

I will also add that Stroud has an incredibly young team. The young players do have talent and should gain great exprerience this year. We just have to make an effort to keep the players on the team until they graduate.

Barstool69 said...

"I am happy for the public school programs and am glad they have improved. "

I'm not really sure they've improved. But I'm glad the return to AAAAA has been so glorious.

Hank - are you saying that it was too soon to make someone whose previous experience was a non-HC position at a single A school the HC at BC? I just won't believe it.

I'll always be supportive, but my expectations are zero until we get a real coaching staff.

Patrick said...

I don't mean to be like Obama and manufacture false consensuses, but I think we can all agree that Windsor is a hell of a lot better than they were in 1999, 2000, or 2001. Hell, they beat Jesup.

If we lose every game but Savannah High this year, the return to AAAAA will still be far worth it. At least we get to play a school that's actually in the lyrics of our fight song.

Bradley said...

We will get better. Don't lose faith in us yet. I don't want my senior year to be the one that defines BC football's "rock bottom", and we're going to do the very best we can to prevent that.


Barstool69 said...

I guess yall probably won me over on the AAAAA move, although I'd still argue it's a weaker sports region in general.

UGA and BC both seems to have deep problems within the program right now.

Patrick said...

Bradley, thanks for all that you do. None of us here are ever going to give up faith in BC football. That would quite frankly be impossible for me to do.

And most importantly, just to be clear, no one here is questioning the dedication and heart of the players who commit countless hours in the afternoons to make Friday nights what they are. Ya'll deserve more credit than teams past for toughing it out when it feels like the sky is falling. I would rather walk through hitch village by myself at 3am than take a hit from anyone playing for Camden.

Unfortunately there are bigger issues (smaller enrollment, coaching, increased competition, etc.) at play that none of us have any control over. But we will be listening/watching to every play of every game from now til the end of season, regardless of outcome. Go Cadets.

Michael said...

Aquinas is currently ranked #9 in the state.

BCSAV said...

Aquinas is good. They are beating the ever living crap out of people. They play Lincoln Co. in a couple of weeks and that will be a real good indication of how far they can go.

Denny said...

we (aquinas) are now ranked 8th in the coaches poll and 10th in the ap poll. we start region play on friday and in a few weeks we are going to find out just how good this team is.