Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are You Kidding me?

My Thoughts for Today:

James Madison 21 VT 16.....only the second time a 1-AA has beaten a ranked 1A (App state over UM 2007)

Kansas 28 GT 25.... Good passing Nesbitt....What makes it worst was the announcer was saying "Nesbitt is running over Kansas like a F-150 truck".... Go to hell Fox Sports

Oklahoma 47 FSU 17.... Christian Ponder released his inner Chris Rix
Miami 24 OSU 36.....Randy Shannon or Jim Tressel? Stupid Question

Wake Forest 54 Duke 48.....Thanks for that potent o Wake....oh you played Duke? Well learn how to play D

Clemson 58 Presbyterian 21.....Dominating performance Tigers. Let me give you a damn ribbon for the most annoying chant ever

I love college football, but with this display of futile football, I declare the ACC the Big East's little sister. Oh Yeah, Boise State beat a 7-5 VT team, so go play Texas in the Fiesta Bowl and have a blast Kellen "Justin Bieber" Moore.

Go Georgia Southern!

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