Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gov. Chris Christie's Stance

Whatever your convictions are regarding abortion, Gov. Chris Christie has a pair of brass gahones larger than anyone else in the country. Whether his veto was based upon moral conviction or strictly fiscal, he has done what many are too scared to do. On top of his slashing of ridiculous teacher pensions and freezing property tax rates, the Governor really is bringing "Hope and Change" to many. Plus, his wife must be a great cook.

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Patrick said...

He pulls no punches. And the crazy thing his, the voters actually like him for it. This is New Jersey we're talking about. Amazing what happens when you stick with your core beliefs and go with your gut.

This guy has closed New Jersey's budget deficit, which was the 2nd worst in the country, without raising taxes by a dime and has provided true hope and change to a left-wing state that was on the verge of bankruptcy a year ago.

There's a Youtube video of him being questioned at a townhall meeting by a grade school teacher who claims she is "underpaid", demanding that she ought to make at least $85k a year when she only makes $65k or something to that effect.

Christie fires back by basically telling her to quit her job and find something else to do. His message and platform should be the blueprint for the Republicans this year and going into 2012. If staunch conservatism can win in New Jersey, it can win anywhere.