Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 5: Bourbon Street Standards

This month, we mark Bourbon Street's 9th birthday. We need to start getting ideas together of how we plan to celebrate the big 1-0 next year.







MacKenzie said...

I was expecting this song to be included:

PMac said...

Rumor had it over the weekend that Bourbon Street was one of many bars about to close in Athens. Rick was able to shut down that nasty rumor. Roadhouse, ElCentro, and GA Bar are for sale and are closed. Five Points Deli is also slated to be closed. And I think Cotton Club is being closed. Bad times in Athens right now.

Patrick said...

Centro should have been closed about 2000 times by now. That place violates every city ordinance/state and federal drug law in place.

Snuffy said...

Pat, do you still have the Power Hour Blues cd?

Patrick said...

P.S. - So long as Rick frequents Bourbon Street no more than, say, once a year, it will remain a profitable establishment and have no reason to shut down.

Patrick said...

Snuffy, I do. Burned copies are available for $5. But if you place your order between 10pm-11pm, they are only $1.