Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time to Get Serious

B'gorrah! Only 65 more days!

We have some business to discuss...

1. This month, the 17th falls on Monday, which is also MLK Day. Since Monday is a holiday, I propose that we hold our monthly meeting at Kevin Barry's on Sunday night, the 16th.

2. We need to schedule the 4th Annual Irish Hurricanes' Gael Force Parade Route Run. My suggestion is to hold the race on Tuesday, March 15th.


HANK said...

1. People with real jobs work through MLK Day.

2. Once again, Leonard is going to destroy everyone. Just call it the "Catch-Leonard-If-You-Can-Race."

Snuffy said...

1. No, just racist accountants.

2. Fair enough.

Chris said...

Bangarang, Snuffy