Sunday, January 02, 2011

Movie Review: Little Fockers= awful

When I first got on this blog my first post was about Jim Carey's Yes Man, which was dubious movie of epic proportions. Then came this piece of of crap, Little Fockers. I rather watch Stephen Leonard do a 100 tax returns than sit through the agony that was Little Fockers.

Plain and simple, it is called Little Fockers, but the kids are rarely in it. This movie is such a marketing ploy. Get a lot of great actors and pay them a couple million each to act off a script no better than a power rangers episode. Everyone may say, "Well MAR why did you see this?" Don't ask!

Here is what I came out feeling after this movie:
-Ben Stiller is not funny
-Robert De Niro knows it sucks, so he goes over the top with his Character
-Dustin Hoffman is not funny
-Barbra Streisand should not act
-Why is Harvey Keitel in this?
-Jessica Alba is hot, but her acting is like listening to someone scratching their nails on the chalk board
- Why did they say Focker jokes over 60 times in this movie?
- Why has this movie made almost 100 million?
- I am fed up with puking gag scenes
- "The Godfocker"......seriously?
- Why did I watch this and contribute to the 100 million

Please do not see this!


Snuffy said...
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Snuffy said...

What is a 100 tax return? Is that a new form? Hank, help me out here.

Chris said...

I give that post an 8. Obvious grammatical and syntax concerns aside, I enjoyed references to the 100 tax returns and to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.