Thursday, February 05, 2009

Delirium of the Brave - The Movie

No, a production of the quintessential Savannah Catholic novel is not in the works...but what if it was?

Your job is to help cast the movie. I will list the major characters with a brief description. In the comments section, list which current Hollywood star you think should fill each role. I am assuming you have all read the book. If you have not, you will be suspended from posting until you have completed the assignment.

John-Morgan Hartman
The novel's protagonist. A young man who leads by example. Brigade Commander of the Benedictine Corps of Cadets.

Ann Marie Kerry
John-Morgan's sweetheart and an SVA girl. Beautiful and would make a good wife.

Charlotte Drayton
John-Morgan's summer fling. A Country Day girl from a wealthy family. A fast girl.

Tony O'Boyle, Jr.
The novel's antagonist. Aggressive and power-hungry. Knows what he wants and will step over anyone to get it. Start QB for the Cadets.

Bubba Silverman
One of John-Morgan's life-long friends. Happy-go-lucky. Jewish.

Mike Sullivan
Another of John-Morgan's best friends. Big and rowdy. Enough personality to fill the room.

Lloyd Bryan
First black student to attend BC. Incredible athlete. Devout Catholic. Becomes friends with John-Morgan, Bubba and Mike.

John Hartman
John-Morgan's father. A level-headed newspaper columnist.

Tony O'Boyle, Sr.
Young Tony's father. Taught young Tony everything he knows. A social-climbing politician.

Al O'Boyle
Big Tony's brother. The Victory Drive Slasher. Semi-retarded. Big and burly. Does not know his own strength.


Barstool69 said...

This is a post after my own heart.

Joe said...

Awesome. I'll finish posting my full response later, but John C. Reilly has to be in there somewhere.

Also, keep in mind the characters age throughout the story, so we'll need young and old actors to fill the roles.

Joe said...

John-Morgan - Shia Lebeouf
Ann Marie - Scarlett Johannson
Charlotte - Megan Fox
Tony Jr. - Emile Hirsch
Bubba - "Dude" Aaron Bryan
Mike - Josh Duhamel
Lloyd - Tyrese Gibson
John - John C. Reilly
Big Tony - Bruce McGill
Al - Andrew Bryniarski

There's a good bit of the Transformers cast in there. Weird.

Snuffy said...

Joe, I liked some of the people you picked, but in different roles.

John-Morgan - Emile Hirsch
Ann Marie - Anna Paquin
Charlotte - Scarlett Johansson
Tony Jr. - Zac Efron
Bubba - Shia Lebeouf
Mike - Seth Rogen
Lloyd - Rob Brown
John - John Cusak
Tony Sr. - James Woods
Al - Rainn Wilson

I like John C. Reilly a lot, but I don't think he fits any of the roles. Maybe an older Mike Sullivan.

Joe said...

Isn't Mike the one that goes to war with John-Morgan?

I don't kknow if Seth Rogan could pull that off.

I'm liking the John Cusak pick.

HANK said...

The only actor I've heard of above is Scarlett Johannson, because she is hot.

Patrick said...

I have no idea who any of these people are. Except for Aaron.

Snuffy said...

Yes, Mike is the one who becomes a machine gunner on a helicopter and ends up addicted to coke.