Friday, December 19, 2008


Ok fellas, it's talk time.

I realize none of us are in college anymore and we all have jobs, but this blog is swirling the drain. We've gone from great success and popularity, to not being on anyone's radar. This is evident in our lack of comments and nominations to our Man of the Year election. We've got to step it up.

I'm not pointing fingers because if I was, I'd have to point one in my own direction. I've been a lousy contributor. I can say that, not only because it's the truth, but also because I am confident I can and will change.

"What happened to the BMBS I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the GUTS?! 'Oh, we're afraid to go with you Joe. We might get in trouble.' Well just kiss my ass from now on!!"

Who's with me?!! Let's do it!!!!


Patrick said...

I respectfully disagree on one major issue here. I couldn't care less about how "popular" or how many people's "radars" we're on.

Actually, I think our best days were in the very beginning when the only people reading were ourselves because we could say what we want without worrying about people's jobs and livelihoods. If anything, my main complaint now is that too many people read this thing.

Popularity has, in effect, lead to a lack of guts.

But I'm with you on the other stuff. Most everyone is working their asses off right now but we do need a new "use it or lose it" rule that says if you don't post anything over the course of a month I get to kick you off. Any objections?

Joe said...

I concur.

Ryan said...

I say a month is too lenient. I don't ever accomplish anything if there's not an enforced deadline. Count me in.

Ryan said...

Also, for people who get kicked off but want back in, we could give them some sort of amusing assignment to earn back their posting ability.