Thursday, December 11, 2008

Your Own Year in Review

Name one thing you are proud to have accomplished and one thing you are embarrassed to admit you did in 2008.  

I'm proud that I canceled cable, embarrassed that Charter never cut it off and that I still watch it, but proud again that I'm ripping them off.


HANK said...

I am proud of earning my CPA license and an office with doors.

I am embarrassed of going on Facebook (for the first time in a few months) with my work laptop, opening an unfamiliar Facebook message which immediately and systematically crashed my computer due to the devastating virus known as Adware.Mirar; whereby I received the brunt of the entire office's scorn and ridicule via several emails over the past few days.

The firm's IT department is still trying to revive the laptop.

Michael said...

I'm proud of having Paul Johnson as my team's head coach.

Patrick said...

Biggest accomplishment: graduating from law school.

Biggest regret: graduating from law school.