Friday, December 19, 2008

Dr. Joe's Friday Psych Evaluation

Ok, I want everyone to join me for a little exam.

For the sake of our female readers, I'll keep this gender-neutral.

Picture, if you will, your ideal romantic partner. As well as being extremely physically attractive, this person is also kind and has the type of personality that you enjoy being around. Now picture this person as being completely, and undoubtedly into you. As in, this person wants to hook-up with you.

Got it? Ok.

I will present you with two situations.

Situation A: This person is your adopted sibling, and you have grown up with them since you were a small child. They know every embarrassing detail about your life and you know the same about theirs. You have known this person only as your sibling for your entire life, but you recently found out that this person was adopted, and now this person wants to hook up with you.

Situation B: This person is your second cousin. You don't see each other often but however faint it is, there is a definite relation between you both, and this person wants to hook up with you.

The Question: In which situation would you be more likely to go through with it?

Respond and discuss.


Ryan said...

I will gladly respond to this, because it's such a bizarre post. I'd go with Situation A, though you have to think of my perspective. I'm an only child, so the supposed sibling aspect just sounds like a minor quibble.

I didn't eat Chick-fil-a my entire life because I assumed the peanut oil would cause an allergic reaction. Since I discovered the truth, I eat their food about once a week. Analogy served.

Plus, with Situation B, I'm not too smart when it comes to understanding the intricacies of blood relations. Sounds dicey.

Patrick said...

Anything but A. I know it may sound tempting to those who don't have to deal with younger sisters, but trust me on this one. I mean, I have become increasingly convinced over the years that Peg is not really related to me, and, well. I don't need to go any further.

I guess this puts me firmly in the B column.

MAR said...

I am Definitely Situation B, period....