Thursday, December 04, 2008

Snuffy's Nomination: Jack Holland

I knew this kid was special back in the summer of ’02 when he received the most dramatic promotion in the history of the Benedictine Corps of Cadets, rising from squad leader to fucking Brigade Executive Officer overnight. Jack then continued to defy all odds by being accepted to the University of Georgia. While there, Jack was a BMOC, running with the likes of GFS4 and MDB3.

Enough about the past. This is a Man of the Year nomination and no man has made more headlines this year than Jack Holland. It began in the winter, when Jack was named bench coach of the Benedictine Cadets baseball team. He helped lead BC to wins over Calvary and Savannah Christian.

Jack had planned on moving to Atlanta this fall to get coaching experience at Collins Hill, one of the largest high schools in the state of Georgia. One fateful summer night, however, ruined Jack’s dream of leaving Savannah. In a freak accident, Jack lost the tip of his middle finger, rendering him useless in today’s society. Most people would have given up on life, turned to drugs and spent the rest of their life in self-pitty. But not Jack. He stared adversity in the face…and poked it in the chest with his mutilated finger.

Jack was also instrumental in the formation of the 17 Club and has been its most loyal member. During football season, Jack helped this blogger keep his head up with his encouraging words on the progress of the Cadets football team. Always positive. That’s Jack’s motto.

Just this week, Jack made his debut on the Benedictine WebRadio Network as the basketball color commentator. Jack has proven time and time again that he completely embodies the spirit of BMBS. There is no doubt that has earned the right to be named:
BMBS Man of the Year
Jack Holland


Ryan said...

Good nomination and defense.

sauers6 said...

i beat his ass in my driveway senior year.

Joe said...

I love how Snuffy has turned into the BMBS Shock Jock.

This is our blog, not a rap album. Let's keep the F Bombs to a minimum, please.

Snuffy said...

What happened to the right to free speech? I thought this was Amurica.

If you can't stand the heat, then get the F out of the kitchen.

MAR said...

Brilliant choice is all I can say...