Saturday, December 06, 2008

Our Newest Contributor

Reardon, doing what he does best, simultanesouly working 2 girls that already have husbands/boyfriends and ensuring his picture gets taken in the process.

Please welcome BMBS' latest membership addition, Michael A. Reardon. You probably remember Mike and his bio from last years' Man of the Year competition, but we might as well rehash things a bit.

Reardon has been begging to be a part of this blog since its inception, and I felt now was the right time to add him, particularly since things have been slow and, as always, Mike has a lot to say. He also proved his worthiness after claiming last year's award.

Mike's areas of expertise are many, including college football and basketball, Republican politics, breaking girls' hearts, and corrugated box industry trends.

Mike was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved to Savannah at age 2, attending St. James and Benedictine Military School. A member of the historic class of 2001, Mike always managed to balance his time between the SJS pyramid and this blog's group. While some were often put off by the pyramid's more extreme members and their antics, Mike was always seen as a tolerable presence, someone we could "do business with," serving as a middle-of-the-road ambassador of sorts between our two factions.

It should be noted that Mike did not stay in military his junior or senior years, a significant blemish on his record that will never be erased. But Mike makes up for lack of military discipline with his discipline and commitment towards making the sale in all areas of life. Whether you're a stunning 21 year-old coed sitting alone at Mercury Lounge named Grayson or a prospective buyer of cardboard shipping products in the Southeast named Bob, it's guaranteed Mike will find a way to win you over in a matter of minutes.

Mike currently lives in Jacksonville and works for Express Packaging, Inc. He has one younger sister, Brittany, whom 2 of our contributors have tried to chase after, unsuccessfully.

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