Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pat Holland's New Atlanta Friends

I ran into Pat Holland the other day and he was like, "Bro, I totally love Atlanta...it is such a wicked awesome city, I am going clubbing with Mikey Leonard."

"Most everyone is working their asses off right now but we do need a new 'use it or lose it' rule that says if you don't post anything over the course of a month I get to kick you off."

Is everyone in Savannah Friday evening? Is that daquari bar still open on Wilmington?


Snuffy said...

TC coming out of nowhere with the post of the year. Speaking of post of the year, I smell another poll.

Patrick said...

Thanks S-1. You're good for 4 more weeks. Next on the chopping block: Tim, Chris.

Michael said...

Pinkey's Christmas night anybody? I'm in Savannah for 1 night only. And I hate to disappoint, TC, but there is no clubbing for me in East Atlanta.

HANK said...

I'm in TC.

We can try Pinkie's Christmas.
A gay front may be coming through though.

I'm in for Downtown Wilmington Island Friday night.