Thursday, February 05, 2009

The 2nd Annual Gael Force Run

It's that time of year again. As St. Patrick's Day draws near, so too does the Gael Force Run.
This year's race is scheduled for Friday, March 13th at 6:30pm and will follow the parade route.
There's a twist this year: everyone begins at the start with a full beer. Racers cannot leave the starting line until they have finished their beer. At the finish line, each racer will grab another full beer and must finish it before they can be counted as finishing the race.
Whoever finishes in last place must buy a round of beers for the top 5 finishers at the post-race social at Pinkie Masters.
Also, we are getting t-shirts made, so the entry fee is $10.
As tradition dictates, creative Irish attire must be worn by all contestants.
See y'all there!


Michael said...

I can't make it, as work is absolutely killing me right now. Can I get a t-shirt?

sauers6 said...

when and to who do we give the moolah too?