Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Show About Nothing

I was a Freshman at BC when the last episode of Seinfeld aired May 14,1998. Little did I know back then that this show was truely a gem that will be carried on for many generations to come. I really didn't start to appreciate the cleverness of the show unitl I was well into my college education at GSU.

Now almost eleven years after the finale it has many phrases that are still used today, like "Not like there is anything wrong with that", Yada Yada Yada" and "Shrinkage". What is your favorite?


Michael said...

Kramer- "So now I'm drivin the bus"
George- "You kept making all the stops?"
Kramer- "Well they kept ringing the bell"

Buy the dvd's and listen to their commentary as the episodes are playing. It's great.

MAR said...

Haha classic....You know I have the Dvd's and I have listen to only a little of the commentary. I will do this in the near future

Today's Guilty Pleasure said...

It's not a phrase, but everytime I see an extended firetruck, the kind with the second driver in the far rear, I say "there goes Kramer".